IFAMA World Conference 2017

25 May 2017

International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) President Johan Van Rooyen discusses the importance of collaborating to become the solution to food security and what you can expect at the IFAMA 2017 World Conference.

The IFAMA 2017 World Conference is 18-21 June 2017 in Miami, Florida, USA.

Primary Innovation Presentations

15 May 2017

Aniek Hilkens is an Agri One Scholar and PhD candidate at Massey University.  Aniek's research topic is 'Innovation in Farm Business Management in the NZ Dairy Sector'.  This research includes work on aspects of the Primary Innovation Programme.

In this video Aniek discusses key findings of her interviews with farmer participants and highlights how the nature of interactions between New Zealand dairy farmers and their advisors can be shaped by the topic of advice, in this case, financial management.

Tools & Apps in Nutrient & Water Management

The pace of technological development is vast, and exponentially increasing. Research suggests that this will also have an ever increasing impact on agriculture, with the deployment of drones and sensors as just the beginning.

Connectivity Seminar - Ben Groundwater

Why are social tools important?
• The future is happening now
• Development of social tools in farming is driven by farm service organisations
• Technology allows integration

Connectivity Seminar - David Gray

Why is this research important?
• Farmers are our most important resource, but little is formally known about how they manage their pastoral farms.
• Large gains in productivity could be made if the management of “expert” farmers could be captured and passed on to less expert farmers, e.g. a role for Decision Support System (DSS) Tools & Apps.
• Research into decision making is also critical for understanding the adoption and non-adoption of technologies, e.g. the use of feed and financial budgets.

Connectivity Seminar - Lesley Innes

Lesley Innes, Knowledge Transfer Facilitator from Reaseheath in the UK which is a leading land-based specialist College, talks about her expertise in this space.

Why is knowledge transfer important?
• Improve on farm efficiencies
• Improve learning for students as well as farmers
• Different learning transfer setups exist, what is fitting, how to make content relevant?