Simply Payroll

$5 per payrun + $1.25 per employee

31 May 2017

App which manages employee payrolls and timesheets automatically. Notifies employers of when they are at risk of breaching minimum wage regulations 

Federated Farmers has teamed up with Simply Payroll, which offers a streamlined and digitised  payroll service that will help you stay compliant with regulations, and on-side with your employees.

Simply Payroll could help you cut down on the time and mountain of paperwork that payroll issues can involve and  automatically calculates wages, PAYE, leave accruals, deductions, and allowances.

Once you close the pay, they automatically deduct the wages and PAYE, pay staff and the IRD, send payslips, and handle all of the IRD filings.

New Zealand tool for businesses who have staff numbers from 1 - 300

Developed by:  Simply Payroll - a privately held company.

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