Precison VRI - Variable Rate Irrigation

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31 May 2017

Precison VRI provides useful information on the benefits of Variable Rate Irrigation, the different options available to farmers and various case studies on VRI.

With Precision VRI, growers can precisely apply the correct amount of water over multiple crops, soil types and terrains. This is achieved by individually pulsing sprinklers on and off while controlling the system ground speed to modify the application depth along the length of the irrigator.

Precision VRI can be useful if you have:

  • Different crops or non-crop areas under irrigation
  • Varying soil types
  • High run-off areas
  • Low areas prone to getting wet and boggy
  • Obstacles such as buildings, tracks, drains and roads under your pivot
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • The ability to apply chemigation, fertigation and/or effluent through your pivot

New Zealand tool, see our blog reviewing this product.

Developer:  Lindsay NZ

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