Countdown Mastitis Toolkit


31 May 2017

This tailored app helps manage mastitis control in dairy herds. Information supplied on:  liner change dates, cow teat and udder health,  information on teat disinfectant and milk quality and further comprehensive data.

Features include:

  • Countdown Farm Guidelines for mastitis control
  • Topics include: new staff, mastitis at calving, drying-off cows etc
  • Library: mastitis control articles, tips & traps
  • Clinical cost calculator
  • Lower BMCC benefits calculator
  • Liner life calculator
  • Antibiotics withhold calculator
  • Antibiotics reference guide
  • Teat gallery
  • Teat condition calculator
  • Save favourites and email selected guidelines, topics and library resources.

Suitable for use in New Zealand conditions, see our blog reviewing this product.

Developer:  Dairy Australia in consultation with dairy farmers, advisors and vets.

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