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Here you will find information on our current research projects.

Through our research we aim to challenge current thinking, to explore new technologies and identify practices and tools to increase farm management capability.

Massey and Lincoln researchers and students work with the industry to ensure our work is informed from multiple perspectives.

Our research outcomes are an important part of our teaching programmes.

If you have any questions regarding our research please do get in touch either by using the comments box at the bottom of each page, or by emailing a Team member directly.

The Farm Business Management Toolbox

Farm tools (software, packages, apps) are used by farmers and consultants to assist with farm decision making. Consequently industry, and DairyNZ as its representative, is interested in the availabili...

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Primary Innovation

Primary Innovation is an agricultural innovation system approach to increasing science impact. It is a programme of new approaches to enable more effective technology transfer and adoption. It is also...

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Marginal Imperative Project

Is the marginal imperative alive and kicking? Does it manifest itself through data and, by inference, farmer behaviour? Economic theory shows that farm decision makers can operate optimal production s...

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Financial Management Tools on Dairy Farms

This work follows on from the previous research and development work conducted by OneFarm in evaluating farm tools. This year, case studies will be conducted with six dairy farmers using one of three ...

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Dairy Farm Systems for the Future

How best to identify and design farming systems best suited to the changing environment and farmer circumstances is a challenge in today’s volatile world.Key questions that we seek to answer are: What...

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Successful dairy farm employment relations: Barriers to becoming a people-focused employer

As farm size continues to increase, New Zealand dairy farmers are moving away from their primary role as production managers and having to place far greater emphasis on employment relations. Employmen...

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How dairy consultants help farmers design improved farming systems

DairyNZ have developed a training programme to improve the capability of novice consultants and this is being tested across seven consultancy firms. One important source of knowledge that would be use...

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Large Dairy Farm Business Governance

This research is motivated by the changing nature of the structures and operations of dairy farm ownership and management in New Zealand. Dairy farm businesses are becoming larger in scale. The change...

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