Centre of Excellence in Farm Business Management

The Centre of Excellence in Farm Business Management is a programme of work which started in 2011. There are very few established channels in New Zealand which regularly and reliably carry academic research through to the mainstream community.  It was made possible by the support and funding of two Primary Growth Partnerships (PGPs) namely the 'Transforming the Dairy Value Chain' PGP funded by  DairyNZ and Fonterra and more recently the Red Meat Profit Partnership PGP.  The Centre addresses the real need to increase farm management capability in New Zealand. This is achieved by offering opportunities for farm business management research to be carried out by existing academics and offering scholarships and post-doctorate fellow positions in the field in order to increase capability within both universities. We combine the capabilities of leading New Zealand researchers, industry experts and rural professionals in order to conduct farm business management research from which professional development courses are run. 

Our Vision

To be the global knowledge centre and global point of reference for farm business management

Our Mission

To create an enhanced understanding of farm business management and advocate global best practice

Our Values

Trust; Respect; Innovation; Excellence; Openness to ideas; 

Our Five Themes

The work of our Research and Education Team is guided by our Five Themes:

  • Strategy & Structures
  • Resilience & Decision Making
  • Farm Systems
  • Data
  • Human Capability

You can find out about our current research projects here.

Advisory Committee Members:

  • David McCall - Chairman, DairyNZ
  • Stephen Macaulay, NZIPIM
  • Neil Lane, Dairy Australia
  • Mark Jeffries, PrimaryITO
  • Mark Paine, DairyNZ
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