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Figure 1: MyLiveStock app stock listings

16 May 2017

Developed by NZ Farmers Livestock Ltd, this simple and easy to use app allows users to easily buy and sell livestock throughout the country. The app is available from either the Google Play (Android) or Apple Store (iPhone) for free download and is directly linked to the NZ Farmers Livestock National trading site (, providing further information and links to livestock agents.

The app is broken into three major stock categories; dairy forward delivery, dairy immediate delivery, and drystock (see Figure 1). Within each category will be a range of listings from vendor’s right throughout the country selling stock at various ages, breeds and prices.   

Clear stock details and images are provided with each listing along with the ability to directly access expertise from the respective livestock agent via the phone number listed. For dairy stock listings, users will be provided with information regarding tally, breed, stock type, breeding history, calving date, actual or estimate weights, price, and any further descriptions (see Figure 2). Similarly, drystock listings will show the tally, stock type, age, weight and price of the listing along with any further descriptions. Users are also able to ask a question concerning the listing and view the full quote which will take you to the more detailed listing on the MyLiveStock website. 


Figure 2: Stock listings found under the dairy immediate delivery section

Making an offer can also be done on the app by simply clicking on the 'make an offer' field, entering the price you wish to offer and confirming. Once a stock agent has contacted the seller to present your offer, an email will be sent to you informing you of their decision and whether any further negotiations will need to be made.


Figure 3: Creating a wanted or sell listing

As well as purchasing livestock, stock can also be sold by creating a listing under the wanted/sell icon in the app menu. This will involve entering the stock description, price wanted, and your preferred stock agent, if known. Once created, MyLiveStock administrators will review your listing and notify you once it has been approved. Listings for livestock wanted can also be created using the same method as above but will be listed in a separate ‘wanted’ category. All listings can be edited and viewed from the ‘my listings’ category in the app menu.

Stock listings can be created even when cellular reception is unavailable as the app will automatically save your listing which can then be synced by pressing the ‘sync’ button when cellular reception is regained. 

Similarly, listings can also be viewed when offline and refreshed by pressing the sync button when internet connection is again established. This is a great feature, adding an extra advantage in areas where internet connections are often patchy due to poor cell phone reception.

Overall, the app is quick and easy to use, allowing instant access to the livestock market. Registering to use the app is also free and straightforward, requiring only address details and a username and password to be created. Alternatively, if you are already a member of MyLiveStock NZ the same details can also be used when logging in to the app. 

Furthermore, if you are looking for additional means of selling or purchasing stock, the StockX online platform provides another way to do just that. The website allows direct contact between the purchaser and seller, thereby cutting out the need for a market agent and allowing for better connectivity between farmers. Please click here to check out the AgriOne blog for further information.  

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