Simply Payroll

16 May 2017

Managing the payroll – it couldn’t be simpler.  Keeping staff happy is one of the most important steps to running any business - which includes paying them on time. Managing farm timesheets and payrolls can often be complicated and time-consuming. Simply Payroll is a new online tool and app which aims to solve the headaches of managing payrolls and has been specifically tailored for the rural sector. As seen below, Simply Payroll supports a novel new look with an easy-to-navigate design.  

My Livestock

1­­6 May 2017

MyLiveStock: Advertise, Purchase, and Browse Livestock

Developed by NZ Farmers Livestock Ltd, this simple and easy to use app allows users to easily buy and sell livestock throughout the country. The app is available from either the Google Play (Android) or Apple Store (iPhone) for free download and is directly linked to the NZ Farmers Livestock National trading site (, providing further information and links to livestock agents.

Controlling Mastitis in Your Herd

Having issues with mastitis in your herd? Or looking for ways to reduce your somatic cell count? Then the Countdown Mastitis Toolkit App could be just what you need (see Figure 1 below). Developed by Dairy Australia and Countdown 2020 with the help of dairy farmers, advisors and vets, the app provides valuable information on controlling mastitis as well as various tools and calculators to help with management and potential cost savings.

Sam Pike

FeedSmart – Helping to feed the hungry

25 May 2017

Feed planning for livestock can be a time-consuming and daunting task for many farmers. Until now, there have been few resources available to sheep and beef farmers for quickly determining feed requirements. This is set to change with the recent launch of the FeedSmart app, developed by Beef + Lamb NZ and the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP).    

Teaching tech?

Using smart tools and mobile apps to support teaching in New Zealand Agriculture

VRI - Helping manage your irrigation use

An estimated 80% of New Zealand’s water use can be attributed to irrigation. 720,000ha of NZ land (or 6% of NZ farmland in 2012) is irrigated. Irrigated land can produce up to three times the output that dryland can achieve. However traditional spray irrigation systems are inflexible, and don’t meet variable water requirements for different soil types or land use. (Yule & Hedley, 2009)

Sarah Hawkins

Helping you manage your waterways

The Riparian Planner is an online tool which creates a farm specific plan for waterways protection and management. This free tool was developed by DairyNZ and Landcare Research with input from regional councils, key environmental specialists and agricultural rural professionals. It is designed to help farmers meet their commitments under the Sustainable Dairying: Water Accord (more information) to maintain and improve water quality across the country.