Our research will challenge current thinking and add tools for Farm Business management. We aim to involve Lincoln and Massey University staff, rural professionals and farmers in the development and application of the research projects.

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Farm Business Management courses will be offered at Undergraduate, postgraduate and professional Development levels. Courses will be both residential and online. Our teaching will be research informed.

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Agricultural Innovations and their usability on farm

Helping you manage your waterways.

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Agri Tech Review

Raise the baaaaa with new Beef + Lamb benchmarking tools

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Advanced Farm Systems Modelling

Twelve week professional development course

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The Farm Governance Advisory Training Programme

Twelve week professional development course

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Dairy Production Systems

A short course from Agri One Ltd

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Introduction to Agriculture in New Zealand

An introductory short course offered by Agri One Ltd


Essentials of Farm Financial Management

A 4 week course from Agri One.

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Farm Environmental Management Trainging

Using a farm environment plan framework, this training will provide you with technical and practical skills and knowledge to identify environmental risks on farm and develop action plans for change.

Innovation Systems

Primary Innovation

An agricultural innovation system approach to increasing science impact

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Agri Tech Review

“Less buzz words, more action”- MobileTECH 2016, Rotorua New Zealand

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New Zealand Dairy Farmers and Risk

Research by Nicola Shadbolt and Team

Buffer Capacity

Resilience of New Zealand Dairy Farm Businesses

By Nicola Shadbolt, Femi Olubode-Awosola and Bvundzai Rutsito


Beef + Lamb NZ - Production Calculator

Downloadable excel spreadsheet to determine a farm's meat and wool production


Beef + Lamb NZ - Benchmarking Tool

Interactive Benchmarking Tool to find out key performance indicators are for farm classes in your region and see how you compare.